90s Kids! These 15 Hilarious Images Will Take You Back To Your Childhood.

A two-photo collage. The first shows A Kermit stuffed animal petting a tiny stuffed bear. Kermit is sitting in a chair next to a bed that the bear is laying in. Text on Kermit: Bob Barker & The Price is Right. Text on the bear: 8-year-old me home sick. The second photo shows a doll of Sid from "Toy Story" in its box. Text above image: Oh how the tables have turned.

If there’s one thing 90s kids love, it’s nostalgia for the decade that shaped their adolescent years. And who can blame them? The 90s were right on the edge of so many changes in technology, social media, and more. So no matter how many of those changes were good, it’s still fun to look back and remember how things used to be back then.


This topic is so popular, in fact, that you can find whole social media pages dedicated to it – like 90s Babies Only! We took a look through their hilarious posts to gather some of the best. Keep scrolling to take a trip back in time!

1. Is this the origin of the saying that beauty is pain?

2. It’s the game no one ever asked to play!

3. Were jealous? The envy continues to this day.

4. What goes around comes around!

5. What a comforting constant in our lives.

6. Nope. We refuse to believe this one, actually.

7. Okay but these still look fun.

8. If you know, you know.

9. We can hear this image.

10. Ah, what a delicious and nutritious meal!

11. These gave you all of the experience you’ll need.

12. When was the last time you saw that remote?

13. Bon appétit!

14. How many of you heard the “new message” notification just now?

15. Truly every child’s worst nightmare.

The 90s are over, but the beloved shows, silly fashion, and memories live on. Plus, isn’t it pretty cool how even though we each have out own distinct lives, we each share such similar memories based on when we were born?

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here!

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