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What Goes Around Comes Around: Little Girl’s Note In A Bottle Returns To Her After 25 Yrs.

25 year old note written by Lynn Gardner. It's faded and a bit orange/yellow in spots.

The Pentland Canoe Club in Scotland never knows what they’ll come across when their annual beach cleanup comes around, but they’ve never found anything like this! While collecting litter from beaches that don’t have easy access, David Shand discovered a plastic bottle. Upon closer inspection, there was a note inside.

The small piece of paper had become quite faded, making it difficult to read. Still, they were able to make out a few key details. The first was that it had been written by a person named Lynn. Second was that Lynn was likely a young girl who attended Rothes Primary School at the time.

Photos of the bottle and note made its way around Facebook until, eventually, it was seen by the right folks at Rothes Primary School. From there, the former student was identified. Her name used to be Lynn Mighten, but now it’s Lynn Gardner.

The note-writer revealed that she was around 7 or 8 years old when she wrote the message. She was near some water at her school when she decided to toss it in – little did she know it would make its way back to her around 25 years later!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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