9-Yr-Old Who “Always Loved Animals” Sells Lemonade So Shelter Pets “Can Be Happy.”

9-year-old ben miller smiling as he poses next to his lemonade stand in his front yard. directly next to him is a sign in the ground. it’s yellow and reads “lemonade. all $ goes to Idaho humane society !!!”

Since Ben Miller can’t adopt all of the pets at Idaho Humane Society (IHS), he’s doing the next best thing: Donating as much money as he can to ensure they’re all taken care of until they find their forever homes!

That’s a tall order for a 9-year-old, but Ben has found that selling lemonade is a great way for him to raise money. He started two years ago, but in that short period of time he’s already managed to raise nearly $2,000!

Although his lemonade stands are known to be a hit, Ben and his family were particularly blown away this year by the amount of customers who showed up, many of whom did so after hearing about him on social media and the radio.

“I started two years back and the first time I donated about $200 dollars, and the second time I donated about $600, and this time about $1,150,” Ben said. “I usually sell lemonade, lavender lemonade, and cookies and dog treats.”

Ben couldn’t be happier with his contributions, and neither could his parents.

“He has just always loved animals, everything from saving rolly pollies on our walks, to reptiles,” his mom, Amy Miller, said. “He loves dogs, buts cats are his favorite. He would spend every dollar of that money adopting every cat here if I would let him. I’m so proud of him and his heart, he makes me so happy.”

The people of IHS are always blown away by Ben’s kind heart and can’t thank him, and other kids who take the time to donate, enough for their life-saving contributions.

“We are always in short supply of cat donations, and since Ben loves cats, we’ll definitely use it to help cats!” Kristine Schellhaas, Communications Manager for IHS said. “We are just so thankful. Thank you Ben, thank you Ben’s family, from the bottom of our hearts.”  

Even though Ben and his family just finished up their latest lemonade stand, he’s already thinking about the future.

“I wanted to donate money and give the animals supplies and food so they can be happy,” Ben said before giving a message to those who buy his lemonade. “I would say, thank you! I think I’m going to do this every year, or at least as long as we can.”

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