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8-Yr-Old Dance Machine Pulls Out All The Stops In Hilarious Christmas Concert.

The annual school Christmas concert is an American tradition that goes back generations in time. Every parent looks forward to seeing their own child shine on stage, no matter how big or small the part. Naturally, attention starts to wane once their child leaves the stage. Unless, of course, Jaden Williams is there to add premium entertainment value to the show. Close relation or total stranger, there’s no way you can take your eyes off Jaden and his slick moves.

Let’s just say, this kid was born to dance!

In a TikTok video captioned “Best Performance EVER,” 8-year-old Jaden can be seen hamming it up on stage at his school Christmas concert. The second-grader is surrounded by his classmates as they sing a holiday song together. While some of the other children groove along to the music, Jaden is in full-on performance mode.

Throughout the video, Jaden can be seen playing an exaggerated version of peekaboo, doing the robot, channeling Michael Jackson, and getting down with many other signature moves. Laughter erupts from the audience as parents revel in the open display of personal expression. In fact, spectators can be heard shouting out encouragement in the background, saying “Get it!” and “Break it down!”.

We’re so glad that Jaden has found his jam!

Check out this young dance machine below, and share this video with other people who could use a little rhythmic inspiration.

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