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8-Yr-Old Boy Is Cruelly Pranked By Strangers, But Community Refuses To Let It Slide.

Gabe Lyle got to go on a shopping spree at Target.

If you ever find yourself discouraged by the cruelty in the world, remember that there’s a lot of kindness out there, too! One 8-year-old boy in Southington, Connecticut, recently found this out. Earlier this month, Gabe Lyle was shopping at Target with his dad, TJ. That’s when three men interrupted their errand with a mean-spirited joke.

The strangers claimed to be affiliated with the famous YouTuber “Mr. Beast,” who often does giveaway challenges for his fans. He also happened to be one of Gabe’s favorite content creators. When the group told the father and son that they’d been selected to participate in a video, the boy was thrilled.

Dad TJ and son Gabe pose for a sweet selfie together.
T J Lyles II/Facebook

“They said they wanted to do a fill-a-cart challenge where we would be blindfolded, within 30 seconds whatever we could put within the cart they would pay for,” TJ said, according to WFSB.

Eager to partake in the challenge, Gabe and his dad allowed themselves to be blindfolded. However, as soon as they started filling up their cart, the strangers made a run for it. That’s when they realized that they’d been the victims of a prank, and that Mr. Beast was not involved. Not only was TJ upset that his son was disappointed, but he was also angry that the group of men had brought Gabe’s disability into it.

“My son leaned in and said he couldn’t hear them, and they said that’s why we are choosing you for this challenge, because of your hearing loss,” TJ explained. “When you say because of his special need, that’s why you chose him. At that point, I can’t at that point let it go.”

Gabe Lyle got to go on a shopping spree at Target.
T J Lyles II/Facebook

Gabe’s father took his frustration to Facebook, where he recounted the prank. When the Town of Southington Commission for Persons with Disabilities found out what had happened, they decided to award the boy a $200 gift card so that he could enjoy a shopping spree after all. Target also stepped in and offered Gabe another gift card for the same amount.

“I picked out Nerf guns, water balloons, and water guns,” said Gabe, after making his purchases. “It made me feel heartwarming and happy.”

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