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8-Yr-Old Helps Lift Waiter From Poverty After Learning Truth Behind His Smile.

Kayzen hugging Devonte

Helping people without expecting anything in return is a mark of true character.

At only 8 years old, Kayzen Hunter has already displayed more character than some people ever manage. It all started about a year ago when the child became a regular diner at the Waffle House in Little Rock, Arkansas. His family goes for breakfast there at least once a week, and they always opt to sit in a certain waiter’s section.

Devonte Gardner is a father of two who works hard for his living. He always has a smile on his face, and he quickly formed a rapport with Kayzen and his family.

“I come with a positive attitude,” Devonte said. “I treat everybody with positivity. I love to see everybody smile.”

His kindness rubbed off on Kayzen.

“Devonte is just a really nice person,” he explained. “Really good guy. Super nice to everyone he meets.”

After a year of high-fives, kids’ meals, and corny jokes (compliments of Kayzen), the child’s family learned the truth behind Devonte’s bright smile.

Devonte, his wife, and their two young daughters have been living in a cheap motel for the past eight months. Their former apartment was infested with bugs and had black mold, which made his kids sick. Every cent Devonte makes goes toward keeping his children fed, clothed, and housed, and the struggle was overwhelming. Since he can’t afford a car, he also walks to and from work every day.

Even so, he showed up at work every day with a smile on his face, ready to serve and make friends with customers like Kayzen.

Kayzen knew right away that he wanted to help his friend. He went home and told his mom, Vittoria Hunter, that he wanted to start a GoFundMe to help Devonte get money for a new car. Little did he know that his grassroots effort would result in a major windfall for Devonte and his family!

“Devonte is one of the most joyous and positive people you’ve ever met!!” Vittoria and Kayzen wrote on the GoFundMe. “He always greets us with the biggest smile. I hope your heart is as BIG as mine and you will help me spread kindness in the world. Any amount helps!!”

Their initial goal was $5,000, but word quickly spread in their community. The GoFundMe currently sits at over $100,000!

“It’s exciting,” Kayzen informed TODAY.

Thanks to Kayzen’s big heart, Devonte was able to sign a lease for a two-bedroom apartment in a good area. His family was even able to get a car, but plans to save the bulk of the donations for his daughters’ futures.

“I’m gonna save the rest because I want to put my daughters in a good school, I want them to be in a good environment,” he explained. “Everything I’m getting is going mostly towards my daughters to make sure they have a great, great life. Make sure we won’t have to struggle anymore.”

Devonte couldn’t be more grateful to Kayzen and his family. Thanks to a little boy with a huge heart, his family can start to heal from an everyday struggle to survive. That’s the magic of friendship… and waffles!

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