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8 Dachshunds Plus 1 Cat Equals 15 Pictures Of Fantastic 4-Legged Chaos.

8 dachshunds and a cat wearing matching sweaters lined up at table with food.

Once you have one dog, it’s not a big deal to add one or two more to the family – but how about eight?

A content creator named Yuna has thousands of fans on Instagram thanks to her pictures and videos about life with an adorable pack of dachshunds. Yuna shares her home with eight “weens,” and as you can expect, things get a little bit chaotic from time to time!

1. Somehow, Yuna manages to wrangle this mismatched pack of cuties into the sweetest poses.

2. She also shares videos of the dachshunds going about their daily lives, usually all in a very short row.

3. She loves to dress them up in cuddly baby clothes. Sometimes, her cat gets in on the action too!

4. She must have magical treats in her pocket to get them all to sit still for pictures!

5. Just taking eight dogs for a walk is a challenge, but Yuna makes it look easy – and fun!

6. She takes the weenie dogs everywhere, even camping. Of course, they all have the proper outerwear for every occasion.

7. These guys hit everything at full speed, even the swimming pool.

8. We just can’t get over how well-behaved they are! Yuna must spend a lot of time training them.

9. The weens are a part of her life every day. Here she is celebrating her 27th birthday with a weenie picnic.

10. If you think walking them is difficult, imagine what it’s like to bathe them.

11. Shh! We think they’re at their cutest when they’re sleeping.

12. We’re pretty sure that cat thinks she’s a weenie, too.

13. Who else is ready for a spa day? Apparently they were supposed to wear cucumbers on their eyes, but they kept eating them before she could snap the photo.

14. Ugh, a dreaded vet visit! We’re stressed out just thinking about it.

15. We love watching Yuna wrangle these cuties!

What do you think, could you ever handle living with eight dogs? We think we might just live vicariously through Yuna, in this case.

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