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7 Times Humans Left And Mother Nature Reclaimed What Is Rightfully Hers

when humans leave

Let’s face it; we don’t own the planet, we just live here! Humans may be at the top of the food chain, but we are just as dependent on Mother Earth for our survival as any other species. No matter how many high rises we build, tunnels we drill, or bridges we construct, we’re always at the mercy of nature’s power and force. Looking at urban areas may give us a feeling of being “in charge,” but what happens when humans aren’t around?

A Twitter page called “When Humans Leave” tackles this topic in startling, graphic detail. Each photo and video shared on this page shows a long-abandoned building or area that has been reclaimed by nature. It’s jarring to see man-made places like amusement parks and concert halls that have become so overgrown and unused that they’ve almost reverted back to a time before humans. Browsing this page is like taking a peek into a future where nature is back in charge!

1. Jungle vines have reclaimed this old escalator.

The escalator stopped descending, but the ivy continued ascending.

2. Welcome to the car graveyard. It’s a real gas!

It’s like Earth is swallowing them whole.

3. Take a tour of this once-stunning mansion that has fallen to ruin.

4. Step back in time to the 1950s.

5. The last boarding call for this airport was… a while ago.

6. We didn’t realize a prison could look less appealing than usual, but this one did!

7. The squeaking of basketball sneakers on the hardwood echoes through eternity.

It seems that if humans left the earth tomorrow, Mother Nature would be just fine! Let’s treat her with respect and dignity while we’re still here!

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