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Fired Up Little Italian Girl Using Her Hands To Tell Story Could Not Be Cuter.

little girl speaking Italian with her hands

Italian people are known for talking with their hands, but some are more fluent with their gestures than others! In a video shared by TikToker @guiseppe_matilde, a preschooler named Matilde is ranting to her mother about a recent injustice. As she adorably complains in Italian, she complements her words with the Italian “finger purse,” a gesture that involves pinching the tips of the fingers together to form a little purse. This hand signal is usually used to express frustration or a “what are you talking about?” tone.

We don’t speak Italian, but this child’s meaning is clear as day thanks to her over-the-top hand gestures! Helpful Reddit commenters translated Matilde’s tirade, and it turns out this budding feminist is unhappy because someone told her that her miniskirt was too short.

“They told me, ‘what sense does going out with a miniskirt make?’ Like, think for yourself! I can wear my miniskirt, and you mind your own business!” she tells her mother.

“Brava!” her mother agrees.

“Think about your own miniskirt, not mine!” Matilde concludes.

Who else is cheering for this little spitfire? She’s giving total Sophia from “Golden Girls” vibes, and we’re here for it!

Watch the video below, and remember to share it with friends.


Secondo voi ha ragione matilde ? #foryoupage @Giò Canaletti seguitela tutti su istragram matilde_vaccar

♬ suono originale – Istagram Matilde_vaccar

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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