7 Girls Who Have Their Dads Wrapped Around Their Little Fingers

dads and little girls

Everyone knows little girls and their dads have a special dynamic, unlike any other. These “girl dads” are embracing the sparkles, bows, and craziness that come with raising a pack of little ladies!

Check out these adorable clips of girls who have their dads totally wrapped around their little fingers. There’s no love quite like the love between a daddy and a daughter! Girl dads rule!

1. Raising girls means you’re definitely going to be making music videos.

2. This girl dad is an absolute pro.

3. Aww, he got her flowers!!! That’s so adorable!!!


Falling in love with him all over again, he’s the best girl dad 😭💖 #valentinesday #daddysgirl #girldad #valentinesflowers #valentineshaul2023

♬ esnemre – Emre

4. This dad is a pretty, pretty ballerina!

5. This dad is getting the full spa treatment from his little girl.

6. There are some basics when it comes to raising daughters! From a girl dad!

7. One of the fundamentals of daddy-daughtering is fitting into tiny places.

These little ladies have their dads totally wrapped around their fingers! How cute are they?! There’s something so incredibly special about the bond between a father and daughter. Sharing these bonds is a great way to keep a little extra joy and happiness in your life. Even if you aren’t a father or a daughter, you can appreciate some good, old-fashioned love and affection between a girl and her dad.

The featured images for this post are from TikTok (here and here).

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