“Genetics Are Crazy.” Black Mom Explains That Yes, She Did Give Birth To Her White Baby.

When you’re a parent to a baby, total strangers will ask all kinds of questions in hopes of getting to know your adorable little one. Sometimes these questions can be harmless and lead to learning stuff like their name and how old they are. Then there are questions that… well, should simply never be asked. Ever. This is something that the mom in this YouTube video understands all too well.


As a Black woman who has a baby with white skin, she’s dealt with quite a few people, both in-person and online, who are bold enough to ask questions like, “Is that really your baby?” Watch the YouTube video below to hear this mom answer these types of questions.

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to better understand something, there’s a difference between genuine curiosity and being harmful. As Mom said, sometimes our questions are best kept for a private Google search, not asking a stranger who doesn’t want to have to answer the same questions from countless other folks.

Speaking of which, if you are still curious, here’s the short answer: This woman’s husband is White. But there’s also a longer explanation, too, of course.

A black woman in a wedding dress smiles as she looks over at her white groom. He is also smiling as they fist bump.

How a Black Parent Could Have a White Baby

According to Mirror, the genes that determine a person’s skin color do so under “incomplete dominance” — this means that there’s no specific trait that overrules the other. So, a mixed-race kid’s skin color turns out to be a mixture of their parents’, with some leaning more toward one side than the other.

A black woman and her white husband smile as they pose with their three kids in a wooded area. The two older kids, who are standing, have darker complexions, more similar to Mom. The baby in Dad's arms has white skin like him.

What Matters Most

In the end, no matter the reason, one thing is for sure: This baby is absolutely adorable! Plus, it seems that she’s already proving to be quite smart.

Folks in the comments were quick to point out that it seems as though this mom’s little one could understand what she was saying. This seemed especially true when Mom confirmed she’s not a fake baby. As if to confirm it for herself, the baby shook her head “no!”

Three little kids sit on the ground in a forest area, smiling. One is a baby, and she's sitting on the eldest's lap.

Best of all, it’s clear that this baby, along with the rest of her siblings, is very much loved and taken care of — and that’s what matters the most.

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