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7 Fun Facts About The Dance Group Setting “America’s Got Talent” Ablaze!

legion dancing on the AGT stage with their boots on fire

America’s Got Talent is back, and Legión, an incredible Argentinian dance group, is taking the AGT world by storm.

I’ve never seen a dance like this before in my life. Before we dive into some fun facts about the group, watch the audition video for yourself. It’s one of the most incredible dance crews to ever hit the AGT stage!

Now that you get the hype, let’s talk fun facts. Here are 7 quick and awesome facts about AGT’s newest phenomenon: Legión.

1. They are performing a traditional dance called the Malambo, which isn’t performed to music. With drums and stomping, the dancers create their own accompaniment!

shoes on fire
This image is from YouTube.

2. Fabian Serna is the choreographer and creative director of the group. He’s a dancer, but like all the performers in the group, he has another job. Fabian wishes performing in Legión was his full-time job.

I think this entire group deserves a break! The Legión speaker shared on AGT that they all rehearse early into the morning because dancing is their passion.

3. Fabian is a well-traveled performer, taking his dance all over the world. He’s performed in over 10 countries, including Germany, Brazil, and the United States.

Legion getting AGT golden buzzer
This image is from YouTube.

4. Malambo emerged as a battle-like dance. Gauchos would prove their vitality by performing this special dance.

5. No, fire isn’t usually part of the Malambo. The Legión group on AGT elevated the routine to include this exciting element.

What do you think — does Legión have the chance to take home the prize on this season’s America’s Got Talent?

I think they could do it. They feature a great balance of tradition, power, and musicality. Those things result in iconically impressive performances. I can’t wait to see how they continue to elevate their dance each week.

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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