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“AGT” Malambo Dancers Perform Jaw-Dropping Routine While On Fire And Get Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer!

Fire Dancers AGT

Last night on AGT, a dance group gave an audition unlike any we’ve ever seen.

An Argentinian dance company called Legion shocked the judges on June 11 when they literally set themselves on fire and performed a Malambo routine, which is an Argentine folk dance style that traditionally includes two men who compete against each other.

Legion’s dance had some twists, though. Instead of having a dance-off, six men took the stage, dressed in all black, and performed a choreographed routine while their boots were ablaze—and their rhythm and moves were perfectly in sync.

After the initial group of men kicked off the act, four drummers danced on stage and took over the show and the original six went off stage to grab props, which included whips, batons, and flaming sticks. When they returned, they used the props for jaw-dropping stunts and eventually began choreographed sword fights with the flaming sticks. Throughout the entire routine, everyone was wondering what was coming next.

The “AGT” Dance Group Dreams Of Opening A Studio

Thanks to Sofia Vergara’s golden buzzer, Legion’s dancers skipped past the votes and got a ticket straight to the live shows.

“This is a big dream for us,” one of the performers said through tears as the crowd gave a standing ovation. “An incredible opportunity. Thank you so much.”

The dancers told the judges that their dream is to win the $1 million prize so they can open a dance studio and turn their passions into their careers.

“We have regular jobs,” a dancer shared. “We teach; we are in construction… we rehearse all week, 2 AM., before and after our real jobs. This is what we want to do for a living.”

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