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7 Animals You Never Knew Sounded Like This!

cheetahs and koala

When we’re kids, we grow up practicing all sorts of animal sounds. What does a pig say? Oink! What does a dog say? Woof!

But what does a zebra sound like?

Read on to discover 7 animals that you never knew sounded like this!

1. I gotta be honest. This zebra sounds like a cartoon character!

2. This is what the fox says.

3. This walrus can make some pretty crazy noises!


Some of our fans were actually unaware of WalrusAwarenessWeek. Garfield here is making you aware of his 8 different distinct vocalizations! Enjoy 😊

♬ original sound – SeaWorld Orlando

4. These big animals make a pretty tiny noise!

5. I don’t understand how this shoebill stork even makes that startling noise!

6. These big cats sound a lot like birds!

7. Koalas sound like… hogs?


For those who have never heard what noise a koala makes, here’s Yogi. #koala #koalas #koala_🐨 #koalabellow #zookeeper

♬ original sound – Rachie in FNQ

These animal noises are so unexpected. We should be teaching kids the noises of all of the animals in the world! Not sure a toddler could make the stork sound, though. Not sure that I could, either!

The featured images for this post are from TikTok (here and here).

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