6-Yr-Old Sees Mom Collapse During Seizure And Saves Her Life!

a mom posing for a picture with her little girl, who saved her life

A 6-year-old girl named Quinn Hill is being called a true hero after her mom had a grand mal seizure and Quinn snapped into action quick enough to save her life.

Quinn’s mom, Jennifer, shared the harrowing story with GMA. She said that earlier this year, she was cooking dinner at home for Quinn and her 3-year-old son. She didn’t remember what happened next, so Quinn filled in the blanks.

“Quinn told me that I actually sat down in the chair that I’m sitting in right now. And I looked up at the ceiling and started breathing weird,” Jennifer said. “She said that I then fell out of the chair onto my left side and my fists were clenched and my body was convulsing. My eyes were open and she kept saying, ‘Mommy, Mommy,’ and I would not respond.”

Quinn and Jennifer Hill on GMA

Quinn added that she and her brother were shaking with fear.

Quinn Knew to Ask a Trusted Neighbor For Help

When Jennifer didn’t come to, Quinn decided to grab her brother and run to a neighbor’s house to ask for help. No one answered at the first house, so she tried another. Fortunately, They came to the door and followed the kids back to their home, where they found Jennifer lying unconscious.

The neighbor called Jennifer’s husband, police Lt. Jason Hill. He sent emergency services to the home. And they transported her to a local hospital where doctors learned she had a grand mal seizure. It was the first time she’d had one.

“We’ve always spoken with [Quinn] and our children just about emergencies. But normally it’s a fire or a tornado,” Jennifer added. “So now my iPhone is set up to where it recognizes her face and will automatically unlock in the event she needs to call 911. And we’ve even discussed that if my husband is not at home and we have a Ring [doorbell] camera that she can push that and it will alert this phone as another way.”

Quinn Hill Recognized By Local City Council

To recognize Quinn and her quick thinking Conover, NC, Mayor Kyle J. Hayman, honored her with a certificate of recognition during a city council ceremony. He also dubbed Feb. 5 “Quinn Hill Day.”

Quinn Hill Honored After Saving Mom Having Seizure

“We were honored to recognize her and her family Monday night (2/5/24) at the Conover City Council meeting where we adopted Resolution 05-24 naming February 5, 2024, as ‘Quinn Hill Day,’” the major told GMA in a statement. “This young lady had the wherewithal to recognize the emergency, take her younger brother by the hand, leave her home, and see help from neighbors she knew and trusted.”

Certificate of Recognition Quinn Hill

Jennifer added, “Proud is an understatement, honestly. She’s my angel. She’s my hero for what she did.”

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