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6 Naughty Goats With Pool Noodles Over Their Horns.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a goat standing on an outdoor table. The goat has long pool noodles on each horn and is posing with her head back. The sun is shining through the trees in a way that makes the goat especially majestic. The second photo shows the view of a goat standing outside of a home. The goat is on their hindlegs and is resting their hooves on the door's window, making them only partially visible. The goat looks inside and is wearing short pool noodles on their horns.

We all get a bit grumpy from time to time, but when certain goats are in a bad mood, they can get a little too headbutt happy. When this happens, it’s possible for someone to get hurt, whether it be the goat themselves, a fellow goat, or a human. In any case, it can be tricky to figure out how to keep everyone safe. Luckily, that’s where pool noodles come in.

By carefully placing them on a goat’s horns, their headbutts become a lot less dangerous. Plus, it can also keep them from getting their heads stuck in fences. Not only is this totally safe for the goats, but it can be rather entertaining to us humans. Check out the six adorable videos I’ve gathered down below to see what I mean!

1. Ah, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of the wind in your pool noodles!

@jessakanne Just pool noodle goofin #goats #poolnoodle ♬ Boogie Shoes – KC & The Sunshine Band

They wear them like crowns.

2. Turns out, pool noodles are basically time-outs for goats.

@pawsomepets The dreaded punishment… pool noodles🤣🐐 #funny #goat #pets ♬ original sound – Pawsome Pets

Pool noodles are equivalent to a dog’s cone of shame.

3. As if the visuals weren’t adorable enough, the noodles also squeak when they play!

@nelsonthedonkey #onthisday #poolnoodle #goatsoftiktok #genius ♬ original sound – Nelson The Donkey & Family

They’re not so tough now, are they?

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