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5-Yr-Old Geography Genius Shows Off His Home-Made World Map To Ellen, But Hilarious Explanations Have Her Cracking Up.

handwritten map with little boy and ellen

Ellen DeGeneres always has a way of making us smile, and lately she’s been serving up those smiles with a side of “OMGs” as she showcases some adorable but truly amazing kid geniuses! Remember Brielle? First Brielle went on the show at age 3 to show off how she’s memorized the entire Periodic Table of Elements, then she returned to the Ellen show at age 4 and gave the Ellen Show a brilliant lesson on human anatomy.

Now Ellen is giving the spotlight to a 5-year-old boy named Nate who is just as brilliant– and lovable– as Brielle… and he is completely stealing hearts around the world!

Nate is a geography expert. He’s memorized the entire globe and is able to name countries, states, and cities off the top of his head; plus, he can identify countries just by their shape and can name the country of origin for any flag. Pretty impressive!

He’s also something of a cartographer and– in the video below– he proudly shows off his homemade map to Ellen. But his adorable personality is the best part of his interview on the Ellen Show. Just don’t make any “booty” jokes in front of him!


Ellen just posted the video of her interview with Nate, saying “Nate is 5 years old, and he’s already an expert on two things– geography and being ridiculously adorable.” And people are loving it!



Check out Nate’s crazy skill and precious personality in the video below and share!

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