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“AGT” Early Release: Traditional Chinese Instrument Audition Has An “Unexpected” Ending!

agt audition

AGT dropped an early release audition that will make your jaw drop.

The series is moving into its second night of auditions tonight (June 4), and ahead of the excitement it gave fans a teaser video showing a woman named Nini trying out for a Season 19 spot.

For her audition, Nini played three traditional Chinese instruments. When she began, she sang and strummed a soothing tune that had the judges and audience mesmerized. Then she stepped it up and played a more upbeat piece on a second instrument.

It appeared that the AGT judges weren’t certain what to think about her audition for the first few minutes. But when Nini picked up her third instrument, which sounded similar to an electric guitar, she jammed out to a rendition of Flight of the Bumblebee, and everyone was floored.

The crowd went wild as she gave a flawless and electrifying performance, and by the end, Nini had a standing ovation, which brought her to tears.

Nini’s Audition Earned Her A Spot On “AGT” Season 19

Sophia Vergara was the first judge to share her praise once the audience quieted.

“That was unexpected and spectacular,” she cheered. “This is something very unique. This is exactly what we love at America’s Got Talent.”

Heidi Klum went next and said that everything about Nini was “mesmerizing.”

“Your playing was insane,” she gushed. “You’re like, so fast.”

Howie Mandel loved Nini’s originality and said those types of auditions are why he loves being a part of the show.

“I see things and hear things like I’ve never seen or heard them before,” He said. “And you are that person.”

Simon Cowell was so impressed that he said “anyone would be mad” if they didn’t want her touring with them because she oozed talent and charisma.

“It’s one of my favorite auditions I’ve seen for a long, long, long, long time,” he admitted.

Unsurprisingly, Nini earned a unanimous yes for her amazing audition, which means she’ll be moving forward with AGT! We can’t wait to see what she plays next.

Watch America’s Got Talent every Tuesday on NBC at 8 ET.

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