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5 Times Giraffes Were Way Sillier Than They Were Majestic.

Silly Giraffes

Giraffes are well-known for being gentle giants. The stunning orange and white creatures glide through their days with elegance and grace as they graze on tree tops and stroll through the sub-Saharan. But anyone who has ever spent time with giraffes knows they also have fun and silly personalities. The massive animals love playing and bonding with humans and each other, kind of like giant dogs. We’ve compiled a small list of videos that show just how fun giraffes truly are.

Baby Giraffe Shows Off Her Dance Moves

This sweet girl has a lot of spunk. The baby giraffe’s trainer caught her on camera jumping around, kicking her feet, and twisting her long neck. For a bonus, when she was done showing off her moves, she went in for some sweet snuggles, too.

Giraffe’s Have Attitude, Too

This baby was showing someone some major attitude one day with his neck cocked to the side and his lips pursed. The person visiting him couldn’t help but add some context to the silly giraffe’s body language, and the adorable animal went along with the skit.

Go Go Gadget Tongue!

If a giraffe spots a tasty treat, they’re gonna do whatever it takes to snatch it. When a zoo-goer offered this guy a carrot, he extended his Inspector Gadget-like neck and tongue just far enough to get a taste. He probably didn’t realize how silly he looked because he had his eyes on the prize, but we couldn’t stop laughing.

‘Can I Offer You a Carwash, Sir?’

Imagine driving through a safari park during a rain storm and having to stop mid-trip because a giant giraffe wanted to lick your car clean. That’s what happened to the person in this video. The giraffe likely wanted to drink the water that had collected on the car, but he ended up giving the vehicle a full-detailed wash.

Headed Out For a Morning Stretch

We aren’t quite sure what this silly giraffe is doing. Perhaps he’s doing his morning workout or getting in a nice stretch. Either way, he looks adorably silly.

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