5 Precious Puppies Who Are Just So Cute We Can’t Handle It!

If these puppies don't win you over, nothing will!

Even when they’re getting into trouble, puppies just can’t help but be adorable. It’s a good thing, too, because it means we can’t get too mad when they misbehave! In the process of exploring the world around them, puppies have been known to do some unexpected things. While some canine behaviors are certainly more endearing than others, we can’t deny that they eventually win us over every time!


If you need a little something to brighten your day, you can’t go wrong with watching puppy videos on the internet. Seriously, you can’t be in a bad mood while these cutie pies are on your screen! Here are some of the sweetest puppies on social media that have stolen our hearts.

1. A furry little drummer with pawfect rhythm

2. Two naughty pups caught in the act

3. A pooch so small, she can nap in a shoe


Idk why I spent money on a bed when she prefers a CROC😭 Credit: ViralHog #dailymail #dog #dogs #lol #funny #cute #crocs

♬ International Super Spy – dylan

4. A teeny guy with an even teenier bark

5. A sleepy girl who needs to be carried home

We’re so lucky to live in a world with puppies in it!

You can find the source of this story’s featured images here and here.

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