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5 Little-Known Taylor Swift Facts That Will Make You Love This Iconic Singer

A two-photo collage. The first shows Taylor Swift looking into the Eras Tour audience with awe as she sings "Marjorie." The second photo shows swift singing on stage in a sparkly outfit with a purple, fluffy coat.

Taylor Alison Swift — she was famously born in 1989, and she’s been taking the world by storm pretty much ever since. With her worldwide Eras Tour in full swing, people are talking about her more than ever. Still, it seems that there are lots of fun facts about this icon that not a lot of people know about.

That’s where I come in — as someone who has been a fan of Swift since her debut album, I’m always happy to share what I know about this beloved singer and songwriter. That’s why I’ve put together five fun facts about her that I wish more people knew about.

1. Swift donates to local food banks on her Eras Tour stops.

In addition to giving out over $55 million in bonuses to folks making her tour possible, it’s been made public that she’s also been donating to food banks.

“When Taylor Swift talks about something, everybody talks about something,” Mark Coleman, spokesperson for Food Lifeline told TODAY. “And that’s what we’re trying to do with hunger. We’re trying to make everybody aware of the size and scope of the problem, and then we can address it.”

2. Her song “Marjorie” honors her late grandma in a heartwarming way.

Swift’s love of singing seems to run in her family. When she was still alive, her grandma, Marjorie, had a career as an opera singer with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. Unfortunately, she passed away a year before her granddaughter signed with her first record label at 14 years old.

Thanks to old records of Marjorie singing, Swift was able to include her vocals on a song she wrote just for her grandma. This is a song she sings at every stop in the Eras Tour, making it feel as though they’re finally getting to share the stage together. As you can imagine, these performances have been quite emotional for both Swift and her fans, especially for those who have also lost a grandparent.

@melissamojo123 I love that she still gets emotional singing this song 🥹 #erastourtaylorswift #taylorswift #erastour #eras #marjorie #seattlenight2 #night2 #taylorswifttears @Taylor Swift ♬ original sound – Melissa Casey

3. Sometimes Swift responds to invites from fans.

It’s common for fans of an artist to consider inviting them to weddings or graduations for the fun of it, but if you send one to Swift, you just might get a response. That’s what happened in 2017 when Ashley Silvers of Miami invited the singer to celebrate her graduation from the University of Central Florida — the party had a New York City theme, making it perfect for Swift.

While she wasn’t able to attend, she did surprise Ashley with a bouquet of flowers and handwritten note.

4. She wrote a song for a fan whose 3-year-old son, Ronan, died of cancer.

Ronan Thompson battled neuroblastoma for nearly all of his short life. His mom, Maya Thompson, documented their difficult journey on a blog called “Rockstar Ronan.” Swift found the blog herself and decided to write a song from Maya’s perspective.

The song, simply titled “Ronan,” was originally performed at a Stand Up to Cancer telethon in 2012 but has gone on to appear in Red (Taylor’s Version). In that time, the bond between Maya and Swift hasn’t faded. In fact, Maya shared that she was gifted tickets to her Philadelphia show in May 2023.

5. Before she became a songwriter, Swift wanted to be an author.

Swift is known for her ability to tell heartbreakingly beautiful stories through her music, but during a summer when she was 14 years old, she channeled that creativity into a novel called “A Girl Named Girl.” At the time, she was spending the summer away from home.

“I had this epiphany; I’m going to be a novelist and I’m gonna write novels and that’s gonna be my career path,” Swift shared. “I would write different chapters of this book and send them back to my friends and I’d write them into the book under different names but totally describe their personalities. It was a really fun way to spend the summer.”

I think it’s safe to say that Swift’s fans would absolutely love it if she were to write another book one day — and I’m not just saying that because I’m someone who, unlike Swift, is still striving to be a published author.

I’ll be honest: I could go on for quite a while about why Swift has earned her iconic status, but I’ll go ahead and end it there. At only 33 years old, she has already made a lasting name for herself, both with her body of work and her generous heart. You never know what she’s going to do next, but I’m sure she’ll have us on the edge of our seats!

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