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5 Little Animals That Have Found Themselves A Little Too Up Close And Personal

A two-photo collage. The first shows a small cat being sat on by multiple cats. We can barely see the face of the cat being sat on. The second photo shows a large, fluffy white dog sitting on a small cat. The dog is yawning and the cat is looking over at the person with the person on the phone.

Pets are capable of adding so much joy into our lives! Sure, they might not always have a good understanding of personal space, but any happy pet parent will tell you that the pros outweigh the cons. It’s no wonder, then, that some folks choose to have multiple pets. Giving your four-legged friend a “sibling” can be loads of fun — that being said, the little animals in your life need to be a bit more careful.

You know how I said that animals don’t always respect personal space? Yeah… that also applies to their fellow animal friends. This means that when you’re a particularly small creature, the chances of getting sat on, both intentionally and not, increases considerably. Keep scrolling for the adorable proof.

1. Although Ranga the cat was startled by Indigo’s seat choice, they’re doing just fine.

Though, they might be the slightest bit annoyed.

@equine.wilkinson Ranga the cat is ok for those wondering 🐱 #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #cat #animals ♬ mr. saxobeat – tooturntteebird

2. “And that’s an accurate re-creation of the day that you were born!”

@hilariouscatclips Crazy Cat Sitting On Kitten 😹✨ #cat #cats #fyp ♬ original sound – 🐾 Hilarious Cat Clips 🐈‍⬛

3. Little animals don’t stand a chance when giant, floofy boys like this are around!

The way the cat looks directly at their owner, as if saying, “REALLY!?” kills me.

@dogofuny Swipe left 👈 for more dogos 😊🐶 #dog #dogsofttiktok ♬ original sound – dogo

4. What else is a cat mom to do when her little one needs a bath?

@ro_the_dough I can't cope with them 🤣 #kitten #cats #cat #catsoftiktok #kittensoftiktok #kitty #tongue #bathtime #grooming #funny #funnycat #stupidcat ♬ Frolic (From “Curb Your Enthusiasm") – London Music Works

5. Even fairly little animals have the power to sit on their four-legged friends.

I almost didn’t see him for a second!

@hanndogg #cat #IceCream #kittens ♬ original sound – HannDogg

The ways in which our pets interact with us and other animals can be a bit much sometimes. Luckily, just like us humans, the little animals in our lives seem to have an abundance of patience for the ones they love.

You can find the sources of this story’s featured image here and here!

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