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5 Self-Care Apps To Help You Manage Anxiety

Our mental health is just as important as our physical well-being. But caring for the mind is often much more complicated than treating the body.

After all, while there’s no shame in asking for help, many of us still struggle to reach out. Thankfully, we can work toward inner peace anywhere. All it takes is a smartphone!


While none of these should take the place of professional treatment, here are five self-care apps that can help us become healthier and happier.

1. Aura: Personalized Meditations

aura app

Aura helps users relax and relieve stress by engaging with content that is tailored to their mood. Activities include guided meditations, life-coaching sessions, relaxing sounds, short stories, and gratitude journals.

2. Vent

vent app

Vent is a social network where individuals can “connect with people who care.” People can vent their frustrations and share their happiest moments with a supportive community.

3. Clear Fear


Clear Fear provides users with the tools they need to change their anxious thought patterns, easily contact their “safety nets,” and reduce their physical responses to perceived threats.

4. Calm Harm

calm harm app

People who self-harm sometimes find it extremely difficult to resist the urge to hurt themselves, so Calm Harm offers a set of activities designed to “comfort” and “distract” them until the desire passes.

5. I Am Sober

i am sober app

Through I Am Sober, recovering addicts and alcoholics make daily pledges to meet their goals. They can also track their sobriety and gain a sense of community by connecting with others who are facing similar battles.


We all deserve peace of mind, and these resources are a great step forward. We just have to pick up our phones and give self-care a try.

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