Obese Man Loses 150 Lbs And Thanks Instructors Who Helped Him Overcome Fear.

The biggest barrier to losing weight tends to be our mindset. After all, many of us feel helpless when we think about pursuing a healthier lifestyle. We don’t believe in ourselves, or we get so caught up in imagining how difficult the journey will be that we never start.


For Bob van Gorkom, the solution is simple: Stop wondering and take action. That’s what turned his life around!

bob before after weight loss

Years ago, the father of two from Charleston, South Carolina, was a completely different man. He didn’t think twice about eating thousands of calories in one sitting because that was his normal, and he’d resigned himself to being 320 pounds.

But then he had a life-changing realization: He had the power to change, and he always had! He just needed to put in the effort.

bob before losing weight

So in April 2014, Bob took control. He gave up carbs and sugars, began tracking his calories, and signed up for a three-month fitness boot camp with Laurie Henderson, a personal trainer and owner at Fly Dog Fitness. 

“Laurie was the first person who helped me realize that it was about doing MY BEST,” he wrote. “Can’t move like someone 100 pounds less than you? That’s OK – do what YOU can do, and push yourself.”

bob before after weight loss

The more he learned about health and fitness, the more he realized the road to sustainability isn’t about quick fixes. To become a better you, he wrote, “your current normal needs to go away – forever.”

So Bob committed to taking action every day. No matter how difficult things felt, he never gave up and ultimately lost 150 pounds!

Better still, his journey led him to discover one of his greatest passions: jujitsu! Today, Bob studies the martial art at Holy City Jiu Jitsu with encouragement from his two adorable training partners: his kids, Ben and Maggie.

bob and his kids

This July, he competed in his first-ever tournament, something he never imagined he would be able to do when he started down this path! And he told InspireMore that he plans to compete about three times a year.

first jiujitsu tournament

“Am I the leanest, strongest, fastest guy in the world? Absolutely not,” he told us. “But I’m a million miles from where I started, better than I was, and looking to improve all the time. That’s what matters.”


What an incredible transformation! Bob is proof that all of us can become healthier if we take action and commit to caring for ourselves – even when we’re afraid.

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