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5 Apps To Help You Be A Better Neighbor

Many say technology negatively impacts people’s social lives; it encourages us to isolate ourselves from the world, preventing friendships from blossoming and neighbors from getting to know each other.

But the assumption isn’t exactly true. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to not only connect with others who live nearby, but to be a better neighbor to them. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and one (or all) of the following five apps.


1. Lotsa Helping Hands

lotsa helping hands app

This app helps organize and coordinate a “care community” for neighbors who are sick, disabled, or otherwise in need of assistance. Members can check calendars for what times their neighbors and caregivers need help, sign up for tasks, coordinate meal deliveries, and send messages of support.

Find out more and join the community here.

2. Neighbor

neighbor app

Called the “AirBNB of storage,” the app allows people to rent out their unused spaces like attics and garages to neighbors for storage or parking. It’s much more affordable than paying for a storage unit. In fact, the app boasts that it’s half the price! Plus, it’s a great way for users to help one another.

3. Nextdoor

nextdoor app

Nextdoor is a platform where people can list items for sale, ask for recommendations, share events, bring up concerns, and start discussions within specific neighborhoods. Residents must verify their names and addresses before they’re allowed to join or post, so it’s a secure space. Get to know your neighbors for free!

4. Freecycle + Trash Nothing!

freecycle + trash nothing app

This app makes it easy for people to give their unwanted items to neighbors instead of tossing them in the trash. It’s a perfect vehicle through which users can reuse, repurpose, and meet nearby people! Help the environment and meet your neighbors here.

5. Neighbors By Ring

neighbors by ring app

In a nutshell, this app is a digital neighborhood watch. It helps users keep themselves and their neighbors safe by allowing them to report any suspicious activities. It also sends out crime and safety alerts from local law enforcement, keeping residents well-informed, connected, and protected.

These are all fantastic tools for forming lasting relationships within our own communities. We’re sure each of these apps has already turned countless strangers into friends.

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