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5 Animals With The Cutest Mustaches You’ve Ever Seen!

A cat and some birds with white mustaches.

If you think that humans are the only ones who can grow stylish facial hair, think again. We’ve found some exceptionally dashing animals that are sure to give any freshly-groomed mustache-wearer a run for their money! For some of these critters, fur or feather growth resembling facial hair is par for the course. However, others are outliers due to the unique color patterns above their upper lips.

Why do we find photos of animals with human-like mustaches so hilarious? Perhaps it’s because we’re not used to seeing our four-legged friends look so much like us. Whatever the reason, we’re sure these mustachioed creatures from the internet will bring a smile to your face!

1. A “hipster cat” with a curly handlebar mustache.

He puts Groucho Marx to shame.

2. The most dapper puppy you’ve ever seen.

He was born a full-blown car salesman.

3. That’s a serious stache for a little bunny!

He has a wise air about him.

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