Precious Moment: Bonded Cat Pair Cuddles With Their Babies.

Cats cuddling with their babies

Cats are often portrayed as standoffish and aloof; in fairness, that does apply to some. However, cats may also form attachments that humans might never fully understand. Similar to how a cat will select its “human,” felines can also choose another cat to bond with. When this happens, the two bonded cats form a unique partnership, from cuddling to sharing in the kitten-rearing duties. It’s common to see bonded cats cuddle with babies.


Bonded cats may be siblings but are often just two felines from varying backgrounds that sync. If your cats clean one another, that doesn’t mean they have a bond. They may just be helping each other out for convenience. Cats are social critters, and it is in their genetic structure to form a “pack.”

Bonded cats cuddling.
Image from Reddit.

Our video clip shows two bonded cats sharing cuddles, a walk, and kitten-rearing duties. Some telltale signs of bonding are head-butting (scent sharing), sleeping and cuddling together, playing non-aggressively, and helping each other with hygiene. They will often raise kittens together. Sometimes, this may be two mom kitties, the mom and dad cats, or the mom and a favorite kitty uncle. Sometimes, the “parent” may not have any familial bond with the kittens they are raising!

bonded cats cuddle with babies
Image from Reddit.

Bonded cats thrive on companionship. The bond can also reduce stress, boredom, and anxiety. The connection is a partnership; they don’t do well when separated. It is a symbiotic relationship where both animals gain benefits, such as companionship.

You might have a bonded pair if you have noticed your feline companions routinely performing recognized bonding activities. Watch the video below to see the absolutely adorable behavior this pair of bonded cats exhibits.

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