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Swaddled And Snuggled — Maru The Gerbil Takes His Naps Seriously.

gerbil napping

It’s not just humans who appreciate a little snooze. Maru, the gerbil, has turned napping into an art form. Swaddled in his favorite mini-blankie, Maru begins his day with a meticulous “hand bath” — think deep fur shampooing. After all, one must feel fresh before a day filled with, well, more napping.

maru the gerbil

Maru’s human has this routine down to a science. Breakfast includes a vegan seed mix, chopped greens, and a sprinkle of mealworms — rounded off with an omelette for protein. Once Maru’s belly is content, it’s time for some wheel-running exercise, the second-most essential part of his day. But let’s cut to the chase: Maru’s real passion is napping.

So why should you care? Because Maru’s life is a masterclass in treating oneself. It’s a reminder that even in our busy lives, we all deserve a little luxury — or at least a good nap. Will you tuck into some self-care today? Share Maru’s story to spread the joy of living life at your own pace.

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