4th-Graders Unleash All Their Burning Questions — And The Teachers Are Cracking Up!

These teachers answer their students' questions.

Two brave teachers decided to let their 4th-grade students ask them anything, then posted the resulting video online. Djuka Potkonjak and Monique Hill have gone viral for the hilarious Q&A, which included inquiries into their fashion sense, music tastes, and even their personal lives. However, there was one question that had the two educators doubling over with laughter.

“Why do you always have your pants all the way up?” Djuka read from a slip of paper, after Monique tried (and failed) to get through the sentence without cracking up.

One question didn’t receive a response, and that was when the teachers were asked to pick a favorite student. Despite the general clamor for an answer, Monique simply replied that they were all her favorite.

Watch the adorable 4th-grade Q&A in the video below!

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