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Snicker Doodle Might Just Be One Of The Most Judgmental Cats On The Entire Planet!

A composite image showing two ginger cats, Snicker Doodle and Kiki. The left image is both cats in the same frame. There are two images on the right showing each cat individually.

Any cat owner will tell you that their cat is judgmental. These little creatures sit in our homes, eat the food that we buy, and constantly judge us. It doesn’t matter what you do, your cat will judge you. Make yourself a snack? Judge. Use the facilities? Judge. They will follow you into the little room to make sure that you notice them judging you. Wash a load of laundry? Judge. Fill their water and food bowls. Yes, they even judge you then! Just ask Snicker Doodle.

Cat owner Dani Lane should be quite familiar with the judgmental behavior of her cat, Snicker Doodle. Dani’s TikTok feed is chock full of “Doodle Lectures.” Dani’s two feline friends, Doodle and Kiki, seem to be polar opposites. While Snicker Doodle is the most vocal, KiKi seems to remain unimpressed with most things.

Image shows ginger cat, Snicker Doodle, laying on a green carpet.
Image from TikTok.

Why is Dani’s cat so judgy? Perhaps because she sneezes. A lot. Dani has allergies, and this appears to make Doodle a bit grumpy. Each time she sneezes he can be seen making faces, and the accompanying sounds are just adorable. Little eck-eck-eck noises, chirps, and mini-meows come out as he turns to give Dani disapproving looks.

We have to admit, though, that this little creamsicle kitty is amazingly cute, even when he is judgy. Watch him as he curls his little kitty lip in disdain after this third sneeze.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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