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35 Kids Napping In The Most Ridiculous Places

At some point in our adult lives, napping became a luxury.

I don’t know about you, but as a child, I would fight tooth and nail against naptime. My revulsion was so real that I’d stay awake for as long as possible… until finally crashing with the familiar thud of exhaustion. My photo albums prove I was a pro at finding silly sleeping spaces, but the kids in the list below might just have me beat.

If you’re in need of a laugh, check out these 35 kids falling asleep in absolutely ridiculous places.

1) “In the middle of a haircut. She said it was definitely a first!”

Abby B

2) “His first time skiing. While going down the hill! ‘Stand up buddy…Leo? Leo?’
Snoozing away… He just didn’t want to stop.”

Abby B

3) “I have a photo album dedicated to the weird places my son sleeps…”

Abby B

4) ” My Savannah can make any place comfortable enough for a good sleep. Here we were in the middle of a family picnic at her older siblings school and she jacked my sunglasses because the sun was bugging her eyes even though we were under a shady tree.”

Abby B

5) “He wanted to visit the Costco toy aisle and I promised him I would take him there no matter what.”

Abby B

6) “He was sleeping like this for almost 2 hours before we found him. Holy uncomfortable!”

Abby B

7) “Under the seat waiting for the next plane at Narita Airport. She went thru 14hrs flight from US with no sleep.”

Sky B

8) Typical

Saina M

9) “In the middle of our family reunion. He wasn’t tired”

Rebecca W

10) “My youngest can sleep anywhere any time. After his 3rd birthday party, my husband was getting the bath ready, he turned around and found this”

Rebecca W

11) “My son always comes to work with me. He has several favorite napping spots. This is one of them”

Abby B

12) “We couldn’t find her and then took another look in her room and realized she had made a bed for herself on the floor right next to her bed!”

Abby B

13) “She won’t sleep for me, driving around in a car doesn’t work, cuddling – nope, but leave her with a babysitter and I get photos like this”

Abby B

14) “I had asked him about 30 seconds prior to this photo if he was tired and needed a nap…. he screamed no at me then passed out”

Morgen S

15) “We took too long grocery shopping, but my husband tried to make him a little more comfortable by providing the paper towels.”

Michele S

16) …And another sleepy shopper.

Marina C

17) Because what parent doesn’t love coming out of their room at night to use the bathroom only to find a body at the end of the hallway!?!?

Abby B

18) “My son on New Year’s Eve”

Katie A

19) “The dog never moved.”

Julie D

20) “This is my middle child years ago… Playing one minute, out cold the next”

Jonna H

21) “This was tough my son falls asleep in a lot of random places! Who sleeps squatting!?”

Abby B

22) “He kept saying ‘no nap’ all day. So finally I put a movie on for him so I could put some make up on. Five minutes later I found him like this.”

Abby B

23) “Brey tried so hard to stay up watching Moana at home considering the DVD just came out. Little Man just couldn’t do it though.”

Abby B

24) “My daughter had her own social media hashtag for all the random places she would fall asleep. #emilysleeps

Abby B

25) “He wouldn’t take a nap so we went shopping and five minutes later he was out!!!”

Abby B

26) “He couldn’t even stay awake at the ice cream shop, poor thing.”

Grace T

27)  “His favorite place….”

Abby B

28) “My little one falls asleep so much in random places that I’ve started a #sleeplikearidge hashtag. This particular one was at his brother’s school project presentation. He was done!”

Elissa H

29) “Sydney airport, on the way to a USA holiday. My 5 year old decided to sleep prior to the 14 hour flight and not much during”

Christine S

30) “My son Breion wanted to be like daddy so he was riding around on quad (power wheels) I look back & he was asleep BUT He was pressing the accelerator still!”

Cherish T

31) “My baby boy said he was going to play and fell asleep on a box in the hallway. This was circa 2004/2005. He’s now a 15-year-old and towers over me at 5’11!”

Abby B

32) “We didn’t see him on the monitor anymore and we freaked out and ran upstairs to see where he was. We walked in and found him fast to sleep. Not sure how he found this more comfortable than sleeping in his bed!”

Ashley S

33) “Anytime we would put him in his doorway jumper and he would jump until he would poop out!”

Ashley S

34) ” My daughter, Lucy, sleeps in the most bizarre positions! So much so, that my Facebook friends think I should make a book of all of her sleeping poses.”

Abby B

35) “On the way back up the tubing hill on Mount Baldy. Good thing Dad was there to drag her up. She woke right back up at the top and said, “MORE!””

Alexandra C

I hate to say that the good times are over… but it’s time for me to take a nap. Until next time!

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