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Men On Mission To Save “Boogie Woogie” Play Train Station Piano, Then A 3rd Joins In.

Is there anything more impressive than seeing someone sit down at a piano in some random location and start playing a tune, one that probably took years and years of practice to nail down just right? Yes. When three people start playing a piano.

In a transportation hub like the St. Pancras Train Station in London, travelers who would otherwise be wandering around listlessly waiting for their connections can often while away their time listening to mini piano concerts. The station actually has two pianos, and some of the people who play are so incredibly talented, we wouldn’t be surprised if they made some travelers miss their connections.


Brendan Kavanagh, aka Dr. K, is a man of many talents, including teacher, entrepreneur, author and professional pianist. And he put his talents on full display in the fall of 2016 by teaming up with another pianist for a good ol’ boogie woogie jam session at the train station.


That’s what it looks like at first, anyway.

Dr. K sits down next to Jim Hammond and begins playing, while what looks like a jean jacket-clad interloper watches from the sidelines. But less than 30 seconds into the video, he nods slightly, then saunters up to the piano and joins in without missing a beat. This is seriously impressive stuff!


Boogie Woogie is a style of blues played on the piano that first gained popularity in the 1920s. Dr. K helps keep this cheerful style alive by teaching and playing at public venues in and around London. But he does shake things up once in a while, sometimes playing in costume:


Or hauling his piano out to rather conventional places:


But this train station performance has to be our favorite yet!

Watch this massively talented trio go in the clip below, and remember to share to spread smiles!

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