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25 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Relationships — they can be extremely messy and hard, but at the same time deeply fulfilling and fun.

The difference between these two extremes has everything to do with you!  When you put your significant other’s happiness before your own, and they do the same, relationships flourish. Here are 25 signs you can look for in a healthy relationship.

1. The freedom and expectation to be yourself.

2. Spontaneous gifts or love letters.

3. Honesty without fear of abandonment or rejection.

4. Lots of laughter!

5. A deep interest and support for your significant other’s passions in life.

6. You don’t think twice about trust; it’s there!

7. Doing something without expecting anything in return.

8. Mutual respect.

9. You never question your significant other’s commitment to you.

10. Conversations about nothing.

11. Conversations about big life decisions!

12. You feel safe.

13. You change in at least one way you never thought possible in order to be more like the other.

14. You hold nothing back in conversations.

15. You thank God for your significant other while they are napping 🙂

16. You can’t wait to share your good news!

17. Teachability.

18. You know for certain that your partner is your biggest fan.

19. You know how to show empathy to the different emotions they experience.

20. You’re quick to forgive.

21. You respect your significant other’s need for some “me” time, and you encourage it!

22. You never stop dating each other.

23. Intimacy.

24. Reassuring smiles.

25. A desire to see your significant other more happy than yourself.

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