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23 Urban Spaces That Designers Have Completely Transformed.

Over time there are many places around the globe that experience wear and tear… or were just eye sores to begin with. They’re the places that either have never been taken care of or are trampled by cars simply going from point A to point B.

The innovative company Urb-I is on a mission to convert these swamp-covered lots and over-crowded streets into flowery parks and cobble stoned paths (to list a couple examples). But it’s actually so much more than simple aesthetics. This company has another purpose: to spread a new kind of appreciation for taking care of our cities.

“We are a group of young urban designers, based in São Paulo, Brazil. Our desire, is to change the perception people have of their city. Part of our mission is to “open the eyes”, sharing knowledge about what good urban design practice means and how it affects our lives in the cities.

After learning their true intentions and calling, you’ll see in the pictures below that they’re off to a GREAT start in making the impact they so passionately seek.

23 Incredible Public Street Transformations All Captured By Google Street View.

1. Suwon cheon Suwon

South Korea / Coreia do Sul

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