Teacher Lost His Baby Son, But A Student Did Something Incredible To Honor His Memory.

No parent should have to say an early goodbye to their child, but when tragedy strikes it’s better to remember them than to forget their shining light.

Richard Specht’s son died in a drowning accident in 2012, hours before Hurricane Sandy slammed into Rhode Island. The family was preparing for the fallout of the incoming storm when Richard noticed his son Reese was missing. Richard asked his brother if he’d seen Reese and heard six words no-one wants to hear,

“I thought he was with you.”

In the wake of the tragedy and the overwhelming support from his community, Richard and his wife started the Rees Specht Life Foundation in honor of their son. The foundation is focused on spreading kindness and ‘paying it forward.’

A former student – now an acclaimed Broadway actor – has kept the kindness going in honor of Richard’s late son. He recently left a $3,000 dollar tip and a passionate note for his server.

Beauty can come from tragedy, watch it out below.


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