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Genetic Mutation Makes Rare “Munchkin Cats” The Cutest Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of.

I’ll admit it: I am not a cat person. Dogs are undeniably my pet of choice and I would choose to swoon over photos of puppies rather than those of cats pretty much any day… Unless they’re Munchkin cats.

Never heard of a Munchkin cat? With their tiny legs, they’re basically the corgis of the cat world.

According to Vetstreet, the low stature of Munchkin cats is due to a spontaneous natural genetic mutation. But just because they have short legs doesn’t mean they won’t want to play. The breed is high on energy and social, and if you introduce a Munchkin cat to a dog there’s a chance they’ll become good friends! But most importantly of all: they’re really cute.

Check out our favorite Munchkins below!

1. If you’ve seen Shrek, this little guy might remind you Puss n’ Boots.

Honest to Paws

2. Let’s give this trickster a standing ovation.

List 25

3. “I’m gonna get it!”

Honest to Paws

4. It’s a bit chilly out, no?

Kitten Toob

5. Cutest. video. EVER.

Honest to Paws

6. Do you have a license to drive that?


7. Straight up chillin’.

Honest to Paws

8. Be my Valentine?


9. Every day is onesie day.

Honest to Paws

10. Duck, duck, CAT!

Ask Ideas

11. When you think you’re a dachshund…

Honest to Paws

12. The feline version of Glamour Shots.

The Cat Site

13. His whiskers are longer than his legs…

Honest to Paws

14. Taking a garden stroll.

Meme Center

15.If you saw this cat on the street, it would be wrong not to stare!

Honest to Paws

16. The ultimate bell of the ball.

Honest to Paws

17. All that glitters is gold!

iHeart Cats

18. Imma fight this ghost with my tiny arms!

Honest to Paws

19. Fresh out of the salon!


20. Brb, taking a quick cat nap.

Honest to Paws

21. Um, hi, I’m cute.

Honest to Paws

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