21 Animals Whose Minds Were Blown After Seeing Themselves In Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the cutest one of all? Scientists aren't sure if animals can truly recognize themselves in the mirror. Do they see their reflection and think it's another animal, or do they somehow understand the concept of "self"? We may never know for sure, but we do know that some of them have the absolute best facial expressions after spotting themselves for the first time!

1. "Is that really what I look like?"

2. He looks "otterly" shocked by his own appearance.

3. "Why didn't anyone tell me I had spinach in my teeth all day?"

4. This fox thinks that other guy is, well, pretty foxy.

5. To be fair, those close-up mirrors are a little scary for everyone.

6. "My dog has discovered her first mirror. She keeps rolling her ball to the 'other dog' and whining because she wants to play."

7. When you get a fresh new cut and you can't stop staring at yourself.

8. "My rabbit does this every day. Not sure what he's thinking about…"

9. Gorgeous at any angle!

10. Cutest case of "accidental Renaissance" we've ever seen.

11. WHOOO is that?


12. "Find someone who looks at you the way my cat looks at himself in the mirror."

13. Who is that piggy in the window?

14. Just giving himself his daily affirmation.

15. Trying to make contact with that other cat.

16. Chinchilla meets mirror: a romance for the ages!

17. What sorcery is this?!

18. "Oh my goodness... I. Am. GORGEOUS!"

19. "Happens after ever bath she gets. She goes to the sink, stands up, paws down, and looks at herself in the mirror."

20. When you get out of the shower and just kind of sit there.

21. This tiger is rethinking everything.

Seems like some of these animals love looking at their own reflections! We can't blame them one bit because they're all beautiful in our eyes. Share this story to make someone smile today.
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