21 Pets That Love Their Humans So Much They Can’t Stop Staring At Them

Animals may not be able to talk, but they can still convey a world of emotions with just a single look. If you're lucky enough to have a close bond with a pet in your life, chances are you're familiar with the many ways they show their favorite humans love. Every now and then, someone captures these adorable moments on camera, and their precious faces tell us everything we need to know. Check out these 21 sweet cats and dogs that can't hide their adoration!

1. This kitty is so proud to be her human's prom date.

2. Indy really loves his mama.

3. "Get you a man who looks at you the way this chonker looks at my dad."

4. This guy couldn't be happier now that his dad is working from home.

5. Tucker enjoying his "freedom ride" after being adopted.

6. Cat makes this face whenever her dad holds her.

7. This dog-dad can do no wrong!

8. Bella just got adopted and already has a favorite human.

9. "Meet Harper. She likes to lay on my chest and just stare at me like this."

10. And they say cats don't show affection.

11. "You gonna eat that?"

12. We can feel the love!

13. Simon the cat just can't get enough of his daddy's face.

14. "Mitus loving grandma. He is sooo gentle with her but crazy hyper with anyone else!"

15. "The way my girl looks at me..."

16. They just met, but this puppy is already in love.

17. "Zoey doesn't understand social distancing."

18. The cutest travel companion we've ever seen.

19. Welcome home, I love you!

20. "We brought Charlie home a month ago now, and I can't get over that look of pure love in his eyes."

21. You can't fake love like this!

We can feel the love coming from each and every one of these furry friends, and we adore them right back! The world is a much better place with these devoted pals in it. Share this story to make someone smile today.

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