$20K For 20 Yrs! Outstanding Dental Assistant Gets Rewarded For Her Hard Work.

mike nelson, sophia teel, and ron risinger, smiling as they hold a giant check made out to sophia for $20,000.

Sophia Teel already loved her job but, in an instant, it became even better than she could ever have expected!


Her career started 20 years ago as an intern at Risinger & Nelson Orthodontic Specialists. Now, she’s a dental assistant at that very business! In the years since she first walked in their doors, she’s helped bring smiles to countless people of all ages.

“This is the perfect position,” Sophia said. “Kids are getting braces on to love their smile, to get more confidence. Usually at the end, they’re very happy. So this is a fun job.”

Not only does Sophia love her job, but she’s absolutely incredible at what she does! Plus, she never fails to make everyone’s day better, including her co-workers.

“Sophie is a great example of someone who just brings joy and happiness to the office every day,” Dr. Mike Nelson said.

That’s why, to celebrate her 20-year work anniversary, Mike and Dr. Ron Risinger chose to surprise her with $20,000 in cash, something they knew she could use while buying her first home! Without a clue as to what was in store for her, Sophia nervously walked into the crowded room she was called into.

A part of her was afraid she was going to be fired, but those fears quickly subsided as Ron began to place money in her hands by the thousands! Sophia worked hard to hold back tears, but that didn’t last long when Mike stepped in and finished out with $10,000 more in cash.

 “I am grateful – I was humbled that day – but I am grateful and it’s an awesome feeling to be appreciated in such a manner and the whole world knows that you’re appreciated,” Sophia said. “That was awesome.”

Watch Sophia receive her life-changing work anniversary gift below, and don’t forget to share.

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