This Australian Dog Is Over 200 Years Old And Still Going Strong. Her Story Will Amaze You!

They say that if you take a dog’s age and multiply it by 7, that’s the equivalent to it’s age in human years. With that, the average ‘equivalent’ life span for a pup is about 13 years, or 91 years in human years.

Take that math and apply it to Maggie, a Kelpie who has been on this planet for 29 to 30 years! If you need a little help with your multiplication, that’s almost 200 years old in human years! How is that even possible?  She’s lived over 2x longer than her average dog friends.

Love surely has something to do with it. Maggie’s owner, Brian McLaren, is with her every day… the two are practically best friends. The sweet dog spends about half of her day napping, and the remaining time following Brian around the farm.

Incredible! Not only is she nearly 2 centuries old, she’s still up and walking!

Learn more about the Magnificent Maggie in the video below.

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