20 Gorgeous Pigeon Breeds We Never Knew Existed

When people think about pigeons, the word “pretty” doesn’t usually come to mind.

These poor birds have a bad rep and are widely regarded as pests. In reality, they’re actually gentle, sweet, and even stunning! Hundreds of different pigeon breeds live around the world, and some of them are so beautiful they take our breath away. Don’t take our word for it! Check out these 20 spectacular animals below.

1. The Victoria crowned pigeon.

Native to New Guinea, these birds make whooping sounds.

victoria crowned pigeon

2. The Jacobin pigeon.

Originating in Asia, this breed is known for its feathered hood.

jacobin pigeon

3. The Indian Fantail.

A descendant of the rock dove, this breed started out in India.

indian fantail pigeon

4. The Nicobar pigeon.

As one observer aptly put it, it’s “like a mix of peacock and pigeon!”

nicobar pigeon

5. The spinifex pigeon.

These Australian birds are social and usually live in groups of four to 20.

spinifex pigeon

6. A red and white roller pigeon.

Roller pigeons get their name from their ability to roll in the air.

roller pigeon

7. The pied imperial pigeon.

These birds from Southeast Asia are considered large and can weigh more than a pound.

pied imperial pigeon

8. The pink-necked green pigeon.

Also from Southeast Asia, only males of this species have pink necks.

pink-necked green pigeon

9. The Lahore pigeon.

Coming from Iran, this fancy breed is a popular pet among pigeon lovers.

lahore pigeon

10. Archangel pigeons.

This breed gets its name from its contrasting feather colors.

english barb pigeons

11. The common bronzewing pigeon.

These are actually Australia’s most common pigeons!

common bronzewing pigeon

12. The Old Dutch Capuchine.

Popular in Malaysia and Singapore, this breed has a feathered hood and a head crest.


13. The African green pigeon.

As you might have noticed, this breed bears a striking resemblance to the African green parrot!

african green pigeon

14. The Ice pigeon.

These birds get their color from feather dust.

ice pigeon

15. The English Trumpeter.

These pigeons are quite popular in the U.S.

english trumpeter pigeon

16. The western, or blue, crowned pigeon.

This beauty is the official provincial bird of Western New Guinea.

western crowned pigeon

17. A blue bar Frillback pigeon.

Frillbacks come in a variety of colors, including brown, yellow, and blue, as seen below.

blue bar frillback pigeon

18. The South German Monk.

Can you guess how this pigeon got its name?

south german monk pigeon

19. Yellow-footed green pigeons.

This colorful species is the state bird of Maharashtra, India.

yellow-footed green pigeons

20. The English Carrier pigeon.

This breed has several prominent features, including a long neck.

english carrier pigeon

Who knew pigeons could be so gorgeous? We’ll definitely think twice about calling them pests from now on.

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