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18 Hilarious Photos Of Kids Before And After 1st Day Of School.

I remember having mixed emotions about the first day of school. Some days the thought of spending all day away from home was just too much to handle, while others I couldn’t wait to be with my friends. My mom always took our picture on the first day of school growing up – and it was always abundantly clear where my head was at the time.

Most of the 19 kids in the list below seem to have had the toughest first day of their lives. A few didn’t quite make it all the way though without breaking down.

We feel for you kids.

1. It’s just too real.


2. Passed out.

Sips of Sunshine

3. It was a jungle out there…


4. Solid effort.


5. It’s just too much.

Little Girl In School Uniform Before And After School
Guinevere Sta Ana

6. I sleep here…


7. Reality check.


8. Tuckered out.

Haley Dottley

9. At least the day started well…

Shawn Irish

10. Valiant effort.

 Justine Di Fede

11. She did pretty well.

Theresa Channell

12. Unstoppable.

Jessica Sierra

13. Lol.

Holly Ferris

14. It went great…for one of them.

Ty-Lacey Boen

15. Really mom…

Angela Jameson

16. Just a little added volume.


17. Though the week may seem like too much.

Péter Fábián

18. There’s nothing like that first weekend celebration!

Annemarie Van Batum

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