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“17 Years Ago, I Was Riding My Bike Down A Country Road With My Dad And Heard Meowing…”

An orange and white cat next to a woman wearing sunglasses.

Sometimes, we meet the most important people in our lives when we least expect it. This social media user was going for a bike ride with her father when she had the opportunity to rescue a stray cat that would change her life! In a heartwarming thread on X, the woman shared the story of how she met her kitty, Lucy. It all started when she heard the animal meowing in the woods!

“About 17 years ago, I was riding my bike down a country road with my dad and heard meowing. I told dad there was a kitten somewhere but he was unenthused and left,” her post read. “I walked through the forest looking up for a cat in a tree when, at my feet, the skinniest orange cat appeared.”

An orange and white cat laying down outdoors.

This chance meeting would lead to a lifelong friendship! When the woman saw this adorable little stray cat, she knew she had to rescue her. Although it wasn’t easy to bike home while holding onto the squirming kitty, she was determined to take the animal back with her.

“Being alone at this point, I pedaled one-handed on my bike the mile or so home, with this wriggling purring skin-and-bone twig of an orange cat in the other hand,” she recalled.

Lucy the rescue cat became the perfect pet!

Once at home, the woman started caring for the rescue cat in the barn. She and her sister decided to name their new pet Lucy. Although their mom was skeptical about her daughters keeping the animal, Lucy turned out to be extremely affectionate. In fact, her new owner was surprised at how clingy she was!

“She followed me everywhere, to a point that I would have to plot my escape if I wanted to leave the yard,” the woman wrote.

An orange and white cat next to a woman wearing sunglasses.

Unfortunately, Lucy passed away this May. However, it sounds like this stray cat led a wonderful life in her new home after being rescued! Her owner wouldn’t trade the time she got to spend with this kitty for anything in the world.

“I think everyone would be lucky to know and love a cat like Lucy,” she wrote at the end of her thread. “I know I was.”

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