15 Orange Cats Just Goofy Enough To Live Up To Garfield’s Reputation

orange cat sleeping in twisted position, orange cat squeezing eyes shut

Full disclosure: we are suckers for a big, orange, tabby cat!

On Reddit, orange cats have gotten a bit of a reputation for being a little bit derpier than other cats, but we don’t buy that for a second. All cats have the potential to be absolute clowns, so we can’t pin it all on our poor orange buddies. Nevertheless, there’s no shortage of pictures of orange cats acting silly on the internet, and we adore each and every one!

1. What? He just doesn’t care for the vet’s office.

2. Has anyone tried turning him off then turning him back on?

3. Hipster cat wants to tell you all about his organic alpaca farm and favorite craft beer shop. Just smile and nod.

4. “Someday, everything in this yard will be yours.”

5. Don’t bother wasting your money on cat toys. This guy is content with a melting ice cube!

6. How does this keep happening?!

7. One look and we can already tell he’s the pick of the litter!

8. This is the face of a cat who just realized they made a terrible mistake.

9. When you need a second opinion, call your dad.

10. We told him it was cold out, but did he listen? Nooooo.

11. Is he about to sneeze? Proud of himself? About to spontaneously combust? We may never know.

12. Oh yes, that looks comfortable.

13. *Some assembly required.

14. He’s just trying to lure you into petting his belly so he can attack your hand. (We’ve been fooled before!)

15. Be right back… calling a local shelter to find an orange kitten to adopt STAT.

Okay, ginger kitties win, paws-down! They can come boss us around at home any day.

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