Man Finds Abandoned Parakeet Egg And Makes It His Mission To Hatch It.

Alwyn Wils of the Netherlands cannot turn his back on an animal in need.


His love of all creatures great and small is well-documented on his YouTube channel, “A Chick Called Albert.” He has been a caretaker for wild animals, birds, and reptiles alike throughout his life, and he has no plans to stop.

“Whenever an animal in need crosses my path, usually it ends up with me for a while. Over the years I’ve learned and invented new methods to help them,” Alwyn explained.

His home is filled with incubators, eye droppers, and other tools of the animal rescue trade, so when he spotted an abandoned egg lying on the bottom of a bird cage in a pet store, he knew what he had to do.

The mama parakeet had already been sold, leaving behind her mate and their lonely egg. “Could I bring it back to life?” Alwyn wondered as he gently removed it from the cage. He took the egg home and placed it inside his incubator for a few days to see what happened. Sure enough, within four days of incubation, he spotted a fluttering heartbeat through the paper-thin eggshell.

Parakeets are one of the smallest species of parrot, so their eggs are incredibly tiny. Alwyn did some research to make sure he knew the best way to care for the little guy, turning the egg multiple times each day and waiting for the unforgettable moment a tiny beak would break through the surface.

When the bird was finally born, Alwyn was there to help him by snipping his umbilical cord like a proud papa. Then came the really hard part: The fragile baby required spoon-feeding eight times a day!

As the little one grew, Alwyn’s mind kept returning to the pet store where he’d left the papa bird behind. He vowed to bring home the adult parakeet once the baby could fly on his own.

Alwyn followed through with his promise and was able to reunite the baby bird with his dad.

This is just one of Alwyn’s many adorable rescues. “I make these videos to show the world how amazing life is, and how fragile,” he said. Even better, he hopes to make his animal rescue and rehabilitation work a full-time job with help from his fans!

Watch Alwyn revive the abandoned egg in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story to make someone smile.

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