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15 People Who Took Up Woodworking And Made Something Truly Incredible

When it comes to woodworking, being able to build something beautiful out of raw materials is more than just a trade – it’s an art form!

Many people enjoy the craft for work or as a hobby. The r/woodworking community is one of the oldest, most well-visited pages on Reddit. It’s a wonderful place to marvel at human ingenuity and creativity, and we can’t get enough of their masterpieces.

1. “I bought myself a table saw and to test it, I built this little birdhouse. Many lessons learned with this fun little project.”

2. “Viking style chest I made for my wife. The carvings are inspired by the carvings found on the Oseberg ship.”

3. “Carved an owl; a bit different.”

4. Who else hates those rotating corner cabinets? This guy sure does.

5. Coolest cradle ever!

6. “I built some baby gates. The gates will be up for a couple years so I wanted them to look nicer than the standard plastic ones. I like the look of geometric wall art so this was my attempt to combine them. When we no longer need the gates we can hang them on the wall.”

7. “Wife wanted a Dr. Seuss themed nursery so I built a Dr. Seuss bookshelf.”

8. “Boat I made in my garage. Plans are from Glen-L boat plans. This is the ‘squirt’ 10-footer. Took me two years to make. I had a blast making it.”

9. “A bunk bed I built for my daughter’s fifth birthday.”

10. Old piano finds new life as an artsy bookcase.

11. “I needed a shed and wanted an outdoor bar, so I combined the two ideas. Still more to do but I’m really liking how it’s turning out.”

12. “First violin is finished!”

13. This worker was tapped to be the lead carpenter on a stair project when he’d never made a single tread before. Not too shabby!

14. “Quit my job as a software developer about six months ago because I hated sitting at a desk all day. Started woodworking full time. This was my first major job, finally finished.”

15. That’s it, we never have to leave the house again!

What amazing displays of talent! It takes so much time and dedication to hone this craft. Where would we be without carpenters and handy folks like these?

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