15 Times Pets Blew Their Parents’ Minds With Their Intelligence

black cat sitting on the floor while staring up at a tv that is playing an animal documentary and a pet rat named pumpkin laying in a hamper inside of her cage

The only thing better than a pet doing something incredibly silly is a pet proving that their intelligence shouldn’t be underestimated.

When this happened to Reddit user OvertOperation, they couldn’t help but share their story. Not only so others could admire their unusually smart cockatiel, but also to find out if anyone else had similar experiences. Turns out, they weren’t alone! Pet parents across social media began sharing their own unforgettable tales of their fur babies proving to be smarter than they let on, and they’re just as adorable as you’re imagining.

1. If this happened to us, we’d also feel compelled to share it with as many people as possible.

2. “My cats somehow learned how to open a top drawer where the cat treats were. The best part tho is that they also closed it again AS WELL AS THE TREAT BOX. I only found out when I wanted to give them some and saw that the almost full box was now empty.”

3. What a sweetheart!

4. “After my son died I spent a lot of time in bed. One day when I was doing this my dog Teddy started pouncing on me until I got up. He barked until I followed him outside where he put a pile of his toys into a beam of sunshine and we played. First time I smiled for awhile.”

5. “My cat Truco loves to watch animal documentaries but leaves during commercials.”

black cat sitting on the floor while staring up at a tv that is playing an animal documentary

6. Every service dog is a hero!

7. She truly deserves all of the treats after this.

8. “Once I had a panic attack over finding a photo of my abuser and my dog came running, knocked my hands away from my face, figured out why I was hyperventilating/ripping the photo and ATE THE HEAD OF MY ABUSER and chewed it up.”

9. “Mel loved to play fetch with hair ties. 1 day I ran out and he wanted to play. I told him unless he brought me more I couldn’t play. 2 mins later he jumps on the bed with a cardboard sleeve of hair ties and looks me dead in the eyes. I am now convinced he knows English lol.”

10. Sounds like a firefighter dog in the making if you ask us.

screenshot of a tweet from twitter user temporalwolf333

11. “Once I was in the verge of a breakdown my dog came and put his paws in my lap and his head on my shoulder, often lifting it to see me face to face. The thing is that when he freaked out I petted him and put my face near his, also lifting it to see him and tell him it’s okay.”

12. “My cat loves playing fetch and sometimes I use paper balls to throw and she brings them back. When there’s not enough toys around (because she kicked all under the furniture again) she raids the paper bin, and brings a flat piece of paper for me to turn into a ball and throw.”

13. The only thing cuter than a dog is a dog playing with a toddler.

14. “The day my sister passed I was a hot mess. I was in my room crying enough to hydrate a large city, and my dog, Radio, smashed his head against the door until I opened it for him. He hopped on the bed and would not leave, pressing himself into me… I really did appreciate it.”

15. “I was crying & my pet rat Pumpkin grabbed a grocery receipt out of the wastebasket & dropped it in my lap. The really sweet thing about this was that she LOVED small pieces of paper like receipts – she used them for making nests. She gave me something that had value to her.”

We may never know what’s going on in the minds of our pets, but there’s one thing we know for sure: They can be just as smart as they are cute! Sure, they still rely on us for a lot, but we need them just as much as they need us!

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