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15 Wholesome Illustrations That Capture The Simple Beauty Of Life

an illustration by jordi lafebre of an elderly man and a little girl sitting at a restaurant table as fries are getting brought to their table and another illustration by jordi lafebre of two parents and their four children having a group hug in front of the staircase in their house

Putting words down on a page isn’t the only way to tell a story – illustrations, for example, are able to convey just as much meaning.

As a graphic novel author and artist, Jordi Lafebre loves to do both. His remarkable work often features couples and families, and even the simplest pieces radiate so much love and joy. We’ve gathered some of our favorites from his Instagram page for you to enjoy below!

1. Creating characters and situations people will connect with isn’t always easy, but it’s something Jordi has been doing for a while.

2. As a kid, he’d spend every chance he could drawing.

3. When he wasn’t doing that, he’d often come up with adventurous storylines for his toys as he’d play with them.

4. This is something lots of kids do, but as Jordi grew up, that love for storytelling only grew.

5. Some of his biggest influences came from the cartoons he’d watch on TV and the comic books and magazines he’d read from news kiosks in the 80s and 90s.

6. “I remember collecting prints and magazine pages with classic art examples and studying them with attention and fascination,” Jordi said.

7. “I really think that the combination of popular culture and classic fine art is what creates the artist I am today.”

8. Jordi turned his passion into a career by earning a degree in art from the University of Barcelona and a graphic arts degree from the Joso School in Barcelona.

9. In addition to writing and illustrating his own graphic novels, he’s also been a freelancing since 1998.

10. “My first gigs and publications were when I was 19 – pretty young,” Jordi said. “With not so much clue about the world or life, and I’ve been an artist ever since.”

11. Each illustration that Jordi creates is made in hopes that it will help others to feel something, though the goal is for that feeling to be positive.

12. “I like to recreate life as it could be, meaningful and full of good feelings,” he said.

13. Creating such detailed, beautiful works of art like this takes time, but even still, Jordi couldn’t love what he does more.

14. “After more than 20 years of a professional career, I still feel the same joy and excitement when a character appears from my pencil,” Jordi said. “I am the first to see them and it’s always magical.”

15. He added, “There is a moment when the piece I am working on is finished, some new world is created inside, and I can go and live there for a moment, and let the audience and readers live there as well.”

Jordi’s passion for capturing the love between couples and families shines through in his work. Each one tells the story of the characters he’s created, but they also help us to see our own stories in a new light, too. What a wonderful gift for this talented storyteller to share with the world!

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