15 Wholesome Grandparents Who Are Sure To Brighten Your Day

Baby boomers make up the American generation born from 1945 to 1964, which means many grandparents fit into that category.

While it has become popular to make “OK, boomer” jokes about their struggles with technology and change, that stereotype isn’t really fair. Meet 15 wonderful boomers who are friendly, adaptable, and willing to reach outside their comfort zone to connect with the younger generations!

1. There’s a Twitter and Instagram page devoted to highlighting the sweet nature of boomers. It’s called “Wholesome Boomer Content.”

2. They have over 137,000 followers on Twitter. Most of their posts come from fan submissions.

3. The page’s creator explained why this content is so popular: “There’s lots of good old people and this account highlights the better side of their generation, so people like seeing that, ’cause it’s something positive.”

4. Well, are we?!

5. I think we all would like an answer to this question.

6. Grandpa is a simple man with simple wants.

7. Be right back… sobbing.

8. The world’s greatest dog-sitter.

9. New nickname alert!

10. “My grandma is holding an iPhone class for her friends to help them learn how to use it. She is too pure for this world.”

11. Forget dad jokes. Thanks to “Googlie,” Grandma is the new queen!

12. Your secret is safe with us, Gramps.

13. It’s a sad, sad day in his world. Really makes you think.

14. Who wouldn’t want their very own garden gnome doppelgänger?

15. You mean I can pay people to bring me food? This changes everything!

Aren’t they cute? It’s nice to see a focus on joyful, wholesome content about this fantastic generation. Ultimately, it’s about improving a reader’s day, and if it happens to make the world a more accepting place, even better!

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