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15 Wholesome Grandparent Reactions That Make Us Love Them Even More

If you’re lucky enough to grow up knowing your grandparents, you’re lucky enough.

Grandparents can be such kind, benevolent forces in our lives. The greatest ones just want the best for their children and grandchildren and are always there with a hug and a plate of cookies. When people have a chance to surprise their grandparents with good news or new belongings, their sweet reactions often reduce us to a puddle of tears!

1. Just look at their faces. So happy to be together!

2. Surprising grandma with new clothes and slippers. Look how proud she is in her new duds!

3. This family honored their 92-year-old grandpa by naming a baby after him.


Can’t even deal. Love these people!!

♬ original sound – Mallory Whitmore

4. Puppies have a way of winning dads over.

5. Grandma’s so excited to see her soldier back home that she tosses the coffee!

6. Grandpa turns into a delighted little boy when they replace his favorite jacket.

7. Grandma can’t stop laughing (and neither can we!) when her junior chef won’t stop cramming raw ingredients into his mouth.

8. Grandparents break down when they’re reunited after spending a week apart.

9. Grandpa weeps over new technology that brings late wife back to life.

10. Grandma is so worried when her granddaughter doesn’t get up early.

11. Grandma with dementia is so happy when she sees her own artwork.

12. Adorable grandpa busts a move for a street performer.

13. Little Eduardo has the cutest reaction to seeing his grandfather after several months apart.

14. This 101-year-old granny meets her 2-week-old great-great-granddaughter.


My daughter met her great great gram today. My daughter is 2 1/2 weeks old and my great gram is 108. #historyinthemaking #rainbowbaby

♬ original sound – Blinge

15. Man honors his “amazing grandpa” with a special tattoo.

OK, who is cutting onions in here? We’re not crying, you’re crying!

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